About us

Since our humble beginnings over a decade ago in our home of Charleston, South Carolina, Atlantic Bedding and Furniture has been able to spread warmth and hospitality through the Palmetto State. In each of our stores, we pride ourselves on providing a relaxing environment that makes designing the home you have always desired effortless and enjoyable.

To ensure the best available selection and most efficient delivery for our customers, we maintain multiple distribution facilities stocked with our most popular brands, including our private-label Atlantic Bedding and Furniture product lines, as well as, the top selling brands in the furniture industry. With this selection, there is no doubt that you will discover your own unique home furnishings that will accentuate the comfort and attraction of any room in your home.

As a result of our wide-ranging distribution and history in the business, we are proudly able to provide unrivaled values in home furnishings. It is our every intention to make each step leading up to our professional in-home, delivery service, just as simple as your first step in our door. When you’re building a place to call home, let Atlantic Bedding and Furniture lend a helping hand. You are more than a customer here, you’re our neighbor.

Image of Atlantic Bedding & Furniture Staff